File doesn't appear in the Results view


You're creating a file to output results, but it's not showing up in the Results view. 


The default Results view will include any file that’s created or modified by your run. Some things to check if your files aren’t showing up are:

Was the file created during the run?

    • You can view the list of files available before and after a run in the Files view - if it wasn’t created during the run, it won’t be included in the Results view.

Was the file modified during the run?

    • You can check the timestamp of an output file to ensure it matches the time of the run.
    • Some programs or commands may smartly check and only re-run if there are upstream changes to omit reproducing a duplicate result.

Does your “.dominoresults” file reference specific files?

    • The “.dominoresults” file can be used to filter the Results view to a specific list of files, or files matching wildcard patterns. If there are no files listed here the Results will not be filtered - otherwise, only files listed here will be included in the results.
    • You can either remove/comment out the contents of this file which will revert to the default setting (all new or modified files), or you can add the files you want to include to the “.domionoresults” file.
    • Note: The “.dominoresults” file can only be used to filter the list of all files created or modified to a smaller list - it will not allow you to include unchanged files in the results.


Additional Resources: 

For more info on the Results view, configuring the “.domionoresults” file, and some ways to use Domino’s integrated diagnostics results, check out these additional resources:

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