Error: The size of your project can not be computed


Your previously functioning project suddenly won’t run anything - workspaces, scheduled runs, scripts, etc., and you get the following error:



The error most commonly occurs when a newly created folder is given the same name as a recently deleted file. Similarly, you may receive an “Oops, something went wrong” page if you give a new file the same name as a recently deleted folder.

This is a known issue and the fix is simple. Plus, since our reproducibility engine is keeping detailed records of your project history, you won’t lose any work.

To get back up and running, simply:

  1. Delete any new files or folders you’ve created that have the same name as a previously deleted file or folder.
  2. Kick off a run - either an existing script or a workspace session, it shouldn’t matter. Once it’s up and running, go ahead and end it.
  3. Recreate the file or folder you deleted in Step 1 - choose any name you like. New runs should start without error.

If the problem persists or you think you’re getting this error for another reason, we’d love to help you out! Drop us a line at


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