Model access and collaboration

There are two central controls that affect who has access to your model: the model's "visibility" settings, and the model's "collaborators".

Visibility Settings

At times, especially when running Domino on premise, you may want to make your model visible to everyone by default. You can change your model's visibility by going to the model's Settings/Access & Sharing page. There are three different visibility options:

  • Public
    • Anyone can search, discover and view your model
    • Only explicit collaborators can modify or deploy model versions or settings 
  • Private: Only collaborators can view this model or even discover its existence through search results.


Managing collaborators

To grant other people access to your project, go to the model "Settings/Access & Sharing" page and scroll down to the "Collaborators" section. You can add new collaborators by their username or email address and also by organization.

Access levels

The owner of a project can set different access levels for collaborators.

  • Viewers can only view the model versions and logs. They will not be able to view or edit Settings. They can view the Audit Logs. 
  • Editors can deploy new versions if they have collaborator access to the underlying project, view logs and audit history, and they can change most settings. They cannot invite new collaborators or change model visibility. 
  • Owners have all permissions as above and they can invite new collaborators, and transfer ownership. 
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