Technology Preview: Configuring new Interactive Session tools


This article is about our technology preview of configuring new Interactive Session tools which depends on V2 Environment Management. Click here to learn more about V2 Environments.


Many of our users have asked for custom interactive session tools beyond the current base Domino offering of Jupyter, RStudio, PySpark, Zeppelin and H2O notebooks.  In the same way that Domino allows you to create compute environments to meet your specific language and package needs, this functionality allows you to define web based interactive session tools inside of your compute environment.  This work is typically done by an administrator or advanced Domino user.  We suggest you reach out to your Customer Support Manager for help with defining the interactive session tool you wish to use.


  • Upgrade to a newer version of currently supported Domino notebooks like Jupyter or RStudio
  • Add new web based tools like sqlpad and JupyterLab
  • Manage the standard default tool for your team or organization across all projects

We will be adding example code and detailed instructions for defining custom interactive sessions to this article as we test new tools but in the meantime, please reach out to your Customer Support Manager for more help.


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