Model invocation settings

Domino allows you to control whether your model that's published as an API endpoint requires access tokens, or can be invoked by anyone. You can set this on the Settings/Invocation page. 

Unrestricted Models

If your model is unrestricted, anyone with network access to Domino can call your model without requiring a token. 

Restricted Models

If your model is restricted, callers must pass in a valid access token to use the endpoint. 

Access Tokens

On the settings page, you can generate the access tokens needed for use with restricted mode. You can generate as many access tokens as you want. For convenience, you can use the name field to help you keep track of which tokens have been issued to whom, and for what purpose. 

You can also revoke or regenerate a token (these actions are available if you click on the gear icon). 

These settings are applied immediately to all running model versions. 

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