PATH environment cannot be set for a run


You may want to set up additional paths in the Bash environment of your executors. However, simply using the normal Bash syntax to export the $PATH environment variable in your pre-setup script for your compute environment will not work with certain versions of Domino.

For example in the pre-setup script of a given environment you might add the following:

export PATH=$PATH:"/home/ubuntu/pathTest"

Then using a command line from a Jupyter notebook we check the $PATH env variable but it does not yet have our new path:

$ echo $PATH



Domino environments have a special file (/home/ubuntu/.domino-defaults) that Domino will automatically source when the environment spins up. You can use this file to include initialization like you would normally include in a .bashrc or shell startup script. So that makes it the ideal place to put $PATH additions

A simple example is here:

echo "export PATH=\${PATH}:/home/ubuntu/pathTest" >> /home/ubuntu/.domino-defaults

The environment will need to be saved and the run repeated in order to process the changes.

Further reading

See also: compute environment management.

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