What are the benefits of workspaces?

Domino introduces workspaces in version 2.3, which provides 4 benefits:

  1. Workspaces can be configured to support any web based data science tool and has been pre-configured to support commonly used tools such as RStudio and Jupyter notebooks. (See Configuring new tools)
  2. Users can run different types of workspaces in parallel (e.g., Jupyter on Python 2 and Jupyter on Python 3)
  3. User can speed up analysis by scaling up and down the hardware for each workspace independently
  4. Uses can better organize their work by naming each workspace.

How do I launch a workspace?

Click on the Workspace icon in the left navigation bar:

Select desired workspace type.  In the screen shot below three options are provided: Jupyter, RStudio, and Rodeo.

Once a workspace type is selected, the user is given the ability to name the workspace (optional), select the hardware, and launch the workspace.


The new workspace will appear in a new tab.  Domino will start the new workspace on a machine with your selected hardware and copy your project files there.  During this process you will see the following in the new tab.

Once the setup of the workspace is complete, your tool of choice will automatically appear.  In the example below, we have showed a Jupyter session.

How do I save my work?

Open the slider / navigation tab on the left and click "Full Sync". See animated gif below.


How do stop my workspace session?

Option 1: On the new tab that contains the workspace click stop located in the top navigation bar. See animated gif below.option_1_stop.gif


Option 2: On the workspace dashboard click stop next to workspace sessions. See animated gif below.



Where are all my past workspace sessions?

On the workspace dashboard click on completed.

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