Run comparison

Run comparison makes it really easy to figure out how two experiments differed in their inputs, and how those changes affected the results that were generated.

Comparing two runs is easy: simply select the two runs you’re interested in and hit the “Compare” button:

This will generate a report, summarizing the differences between those two runs.

There are three sections: (1) a summary of the differences (2) the differences between the results that were generated by the two runs and (3) the differences between the input code and data.  

If you are tracking Run Diagnostic Statistics, the comparison view will also show you the difference between your stats.

Remember that Domino snapshots the state of all the files in the project before the run starts (the “inputs”) and snapshots the project after the run completes (the “outputs”).  Any files that were added or modified between the input and outputs are considered “results.”  

To quickly navigate between the sections, you can use these links, located immediately below the run comparison table at the top:


Domino will do its best to show you differences as sensibly as it can.  For text, we will highlight the lines in the file that are different:

For files that we know how to render, we will render those files side-by-side so you can easily visually compare:

And for files Domino doesn’t know how to render, we’ll give you some simple metadata and links to download the exact version so you can look at them on your own computer:

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