Tips for using Domino with R

Controlling Domino from your R environment

Check out our R Package, which lets you run all your Domino commands without leaving your R IDE.

Passing arguments

You can pass arguments to your R script when you run it through Domino, but the syntax is different from the normal R syntax for passing arguments.

In domino, simply add the arguments after your script:

domino run script.r arg1 arg2 arg3 ...

Using Packages

You can install whatever 3rd party R packages you need for your R scripts on Domino.

Please read our guide for dependencies for a full tutorial on how.

Setting the Working Directory

R's working directory determines where R looks for other scripts or files your script loads.

When Domino runs your code, it automatically sets the working directory to the root of your project folder, so you should reference files relative to your project folder.

Any setwd calls in your script will fail in Domino, unless they are relative to your project folder. Remember that Domino's machines do not have the same folder structure as your computer.
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