Installing the Domino Command Line (CLI)

  1. Download the installer for your operating system:


  2. Run the installer application.
  3. Open a new Terminal (or CMD) window and run domino login <url> where the URL should be:
    • (Note: this url may be different for your Domino deployment)
    • Or contact your administrator for the URL if you have an on-premises or VPC installation (be sure to check whether you should use http or https)
  4. When asked for your login information, use the username and password for your Domino account.
  5. You should see something like this: for example, domino
    $ domino login # or the url of your domino deployment
    Enter your Domino username or email address
    > nick
    Enter your password (typing will be hidden)

Congrats, you're all setup! Check out the "How To" Reference for documentation about using the client.

Ran into a problem? Check out our Troubleshooting page, or email us.

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