Using Domino Search

Domino’s search feature is a comprehensive tool for locating specific files or bits of text across your entire deployment.

To use the search feature, find the Search box in your navigation bar, towards the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Then just type in the term you’re looking for search for and hit Enter.

Domino will search for this term in all projects you have access to. It will return results found in projects (names, tags and contents), comments, runs and files. Results will be displayed on the appropriate tab in the Search Results screen.





Note that when Domino searches files, it will return results found in both filenames and file contents. However, Domino only indexes the latest revisions of files, so your results will not contain occurrences of your search term from previous versions.

Domino’s Search feature indexes README files and the names of all users involved in projects. All project tags are also searchable. Any occurrences of your search term found in these areas will be returned in the search results.

If no results are found for a given type of search, Domino will tell you on the appropriate tab.


Domino search respects the collaboration and privacy settings for projects.  If you do not have read access to a project, then that project will never appear in your search results.

Advanced Search Options

In addition to the four search tabs, you can use the following commands in your queries to target what you search:

  • project.tag=
  • project.tag.approved=
  • project.description=
  • project.user=

For example:


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