Domino Enterprise admin guide

Installation and standard configurations

See our article on Domino pre-requisites and installation.

Environment management

See our article on managing environments. In special cases, you may want to modify Docker images directly.

Cluster Management

See our article on managing cluster configuration.

Application settings

There are a number of settings that control Domino's behavior. Domino admins can access these through the "Central Config" section of the "Advanced" menu in the Admin area. See our article on the subject.

Log files

Log files are accessible through the "Logs" item under the "Advanced" menu in the Admin section.

By design, Domino will not log any secure pieces of information (e.g., passwords or environment variable values). Project names, user names, and file names are not considered secure, and will appear in logs.

System Admin Roles

See our article on system admin roles.


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