Project tags

Project tags are an easy way to add meta data about a project to help others find relevant projects in Domino. Whether it's a tag that indicates the subject matter, a package/library or a data source, tagging facilities collaboration and re-use of code. 

Note: Project level tags are only available in private deployments of Domino

From the Domino overview page, use the "card view" to see all your projects' tags. 


Tagging a Project

Tags can be added, deleted and modified from the overview page within a project. 


While you can create a tag with whatever you'd like, tags indicated in green have been marked "approved" by your Domino admin or librarian to help reduce near duplicate tags. (e.g. shiny vs shinyapps vs Rshiny).


Managing Tags

Domino admins and librarians will be able to manage their company's tags. From the Domino Overview page, you can find the "manage tags" button. 

From the manage tags screen, you can add, delete, and edit existing tags. You can also merge tags. Using the "edit" button for a given tag, you can mark it as approved which will make it appear green to all of your users. 


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