Configuring interactive tutorials

Domino now includes a live, step-by-step tutorial system (WalkMe) to familiarize new users with Domino's features, and to help get them up and running quickly.

Click the Tour button to activate the menu. From there, you can launch any of these tutorials.


For on-premises user

Your organization's Domino admin can toggle this tutorial system on and off. There are four settings in Admin/Advanced/Central Config that control the state of the tutorial system.


Value description


A Javascript snippet that is inserted into the HTML of every page in Domino. The snippet locates data source for the tutorials.

If this key is undefined, the default location will be the one built into your Domino deployment.

If the key is defined but the value is empty, it will point to an empty location and cause errors.


“true” value will automatically create the quick-start project for new users. The quick-start project is essential to be able to run the tutorials.


“false” value will disable the original static Domino tutorial. In order to enable the interactive tutorials, set to “false”.


“true” value will turn on the interactive tutorial and enable the “Tour” button to toggle the interactive tutorial menu.


Disclaimer for on-premise customers: If the interactive tutorials are activated, Domino will attempt to send usage data on the tutorials to an outside server. If your firewall rules are blocking these connections, the tutorial will continue to work.

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