Comparing file revisions

Before deciding to revert a file to an earlier version, you might want to first compare the contents of each version. Domino provides two ways to accomplish this.

To compare two revisions of a file, first navigate to the project’s Files page. Locate the file and click the gear icon. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Compare Revisions.

Alternately, you can first click the file to open it. From there, click the Compare Revisions button in the upper-right corner.

Regardless of which option you choose, Domino will open the file and display two buttons above its contents. The first button, labeled Base, is the current version of the file. The other button, Target, lets you select a previous version of the file to compare to the base version.

Click the version of the file you wish to compare to the base version.

Note: "Base" initially defaults to the older version of the file. It is possible to select a newer version as the base version, but doing so has the potential to generate confusing and unclear results, and is therefore  not recommended.

If there are any differences between the two versions of the file, Domino will display them.

Otherwise, Domino will tell you no differences were found.



When you are viewing the Files page for the whole project, you can select between all revisions for the project. When you are viewing an individual file, the revisions dropdown is limited to only those revisions where a change was made to the file, in order to eliminate duplicates.

If there's any doubt about the comparison, you can take the URL and manually substitute in the actual commit IDs you want to check.  

For example:

Notice there's a base and target commit ID that you can change to compare specific commit IDs. 


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