Jupyter notebook unable to "download as"


When running a Jupyter notebook, the cells in the notebook can be downloaded and saved locally for later reference.


However, in some cases, the user might be faced with the following error 


Note: there is no work lost at this point; the notebook server is still running in Domino and you can return to your notebook as it was. This error just means the conversion to the given format prior to downloading failed.

Applies to

Interactive Jupyter Notebooks running in Domino. The version is not Domino Specific.


It appears that there was a broken dependency introduced in some later versions of Jupyter notebooks.

See this link for more information: https://trac.sagemath.org/ticket/24484


Upgrade nbconvert. The following is an example of what you would add into your Dockerfile commands section in your Domino Compute Environment:

RUN pip install nbconvert==5.3.1

Alternatively you could simply add this into your requirements.txt in your Domino project:
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