The Domino command-line interface (CLI)

You may be used to working with Domino through the GUI, but did you know that you can also interact with Domino through a CLI?

In addition to being faster for those used to working from a terminal, the command line interface will let you:

  • Work locally but run your code in Domino
  • Sync a local folder to a Domino project
  • Easily upload many/large files to Domino

Say, for example, your favorite IDE is Pycharm, which doesn’t come in a web version. By using the Domino CLI, you can edit your files locally while still running them in Domino. You get the advantages of scalable compute, version control and reproducibility while still working off your laptop.

Ready to get started? This article shows how to install the CLI. And this reference guide will help you unlock the full power of the CLI.

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