Clean-up of Failed Executors After Hotfixing Ubuntu 14.04 Kernel Bug

Domino applies security updates to supporting services and host operating systems on an ongoing basis. On Wednesday, August 15, 2018 Domino applied an upstream kernel patch to Ubuntu 14.04 intended to address the critical Foreshadow vulnerability in Intel microchips.

Unfortunately, this update introduced a condition affecting Java applications that causes Ubuntu hosts to become unresponsive when restarting.

Domino Engineering applied a hotfix to prevent the faulty kernel update from being applied going forward. However, some Domino Executors may have been affected before the hotfix could be applied. They will appear in the Dispatcher as unreachable and should be terminated to avoid additional AWS costs.

If Executors in your Domino install upgraded to the new kernel before the remediation was applied, some of them may remain in an unreachable state. This results in extra, unusable Executors in your Domino install. After the fix is applied they should be terminated.

Procedure to clean up any failed Executors:

  1. Login to the Domino Dispatcher
  2. For each Executor that both has no active runs and is in maintenance mode or unreachable status:
    1. Click on “Actions” on the right.

The actions page will present you with a terminate button that you should use to terminate the instance.
Note that if you terminate Executors that have active runs, you may lose work. If you are unsure, please contact Domino Support.


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