Welcome to Domino 3.0

Upgrading to Domino 3.0

This page is an overview of key new features introduced in Domino 3.0. If you're a user upgrading from Domino 2.0, check out the links below to get started. If you're new to Domino, read First steps in Domino.


New in Domino 3.0 is the Launchpad. This is where you can find and open visualizations, interactive dashboards, and other applications produced by data scientists in the Domino platform. The launchpad makes it easy to publish and consume the most useful products of your data science team.

Open the launchpad from the Switch To menu in the left navigation:


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New design

Domino 3.0 introduces a new design and user interface. You'll find a new nested navigation bar on the left that links to feature areas like Projects and Environments. The sidebar for projects has also been reorganized. You'll find features related to model products like Apps and Launchers under the redesigned Publish tab.



Control Center (Admin only)

The Control Center is a new feature for administrators of Domino 3.0. Use the Control Center to monitor key metrics about usage of your Domino platform.

If you're an administrator, you'll find a link the Control Center in the Switch To menu in the left navigation:


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