Domino University

Users interested in self-guided training can find videos on this page that cover both introductory topics and advanced features.

  1. Domino Fundamentals
  2. Domino 201
  3. Domino Continuing Education Webinar Series



Domino Fundamentals

This video series teaches the basics of working in Domino. It explains the behavior of Domino Runs, including Jobs and interactive Workspace sessions. It also introduces Domino environments and explains the benefits of the Domino Reproducibility Engine.






Domino 201

This video series covers more advanced Domino features, like environment variables, Git integration, Model publishing, App publishing, Launchers, scheduled Jobs, and the Domino CLI. The series follows a practical example of a data science project through each of these feature areas.

Before beginning this series, you should already know the basics of working in Domino, as covered in the Domino Fundamentals series.





Domino Continuing Education Webinar Series

The webinar recordings below cover advanced and specialized topics related to Domino.

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