What AWS instances are supported for Domino in the cloud?


When setting up executor hardware tiers for Domino running in the cloud on AWS, you'll have access to a wide range of EC2 instance types.

During a cloud deployment, Domino recommends raising account limits on the following popular types and sizes of instances:

  • General purpose
    • m5.large
    • m5.xlarge
    • m5.2xlarge
    • m5.4xlarge
    • m5.10xlarge
  • CPU performance optimized
    • c4.4xlarge
  • Memory optimized
    • r4.4xlarge
    • r4.8xlarge
  • Specialized GPU compute
    • p2.xlarge
    • p2.8xlarge




About EC2 Reserved Instances

Domino recommends buying some EC2 reserved instances for your most-used EC2 instance types. Reserved instances are pre-paid, but less expensive than using the same amount of on-demand instances.

For more information on how to take advantage of reserved instances, contact your Domino account team.




About EC2 Spot Instances

Domino does not support use of AWS EC2 Spot Instances.

Spot Instances run on excess capacity in the EC2 compute grid. These are ephemeral instances that can be shut down when demand for EC2 compute increases. These shutdowns may occur with only two minutes of notice.

This behavior will interrupt workflow execution in an unpredictable way, resulting in Run failures and Workspace activity lost in limbo. Interrupted Runs and Workspaces will not be synchronized back to Domino projects.

Domino infrastructure and execution workflows are most efficiently run on reserved instances. 

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